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Comprehensive drug checking by anyone, anywhere

Empower your team with rapid, accurate, and portable substance analysis

Redefining testing with Amplifi ID™
Rapid Drug Checking: Amplifi ID can generate results in under 10 minutes

Rapid Testing: Get actionable results in under 10 minutes to make fast decisions. 

Amplifi ID can generate a comprehensive breakdown of a drug sample, including trace targets like fentanyl

Detailed Results: Generate a comprehensive breakdown of sample components, including trace drugs.

The Amplifi ID drug checking device can be easily transported and set up for any frontline environment

Compact and Portable: Easily transport and set up your system in a frontline environment.

Amplifi ID's library expansions keep the device up to date with the changing drug supply

Highly Adaptable: Library expansions keep our device's capabilities up to date with the changing drug supply

Spectra Amplifi ID device

Tailored solutions for diverse frontline environments

Amplifi ID can empower decision making and safety  for organizations involved in community drug strategy, harm reduction, overdose prevention, or drug policy.

Syringe Service Programs

Community Health Groups

First Responder Groups

Public Safety Organizations

State and Federal Health Authorities

Dashboard - 180 days_edited.jpg
Insights at your fingertips

Amplifi ID™ comes with an Integrated Drug Landscape Dashboard, enhancing your substance analysis with a suite of powerful tools.

Dr. Kieran Moore

Former Medical Officer of Health, KFL&A Public Health

"It can revolutionize — to have point and care assessment of the drug supply — our response and our alerting to the community." (2020)
The Kingston Whig Standard
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