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Enabling lab grade testing by anyone, anywhere.

Keep your community healthy and safe with a drug checking solution built for front-line healthcare.

Street drugs have become more toxic and harder to analyze.

We made tools to address the evolving landscape and prevent overdose harm.

Spectra Amplifi ID spectrometer

Amplifi ID™

The optimal frontline testing solution.

Rapidly identify the most harmful and noteworthy substances in a drug mixture with a seamless test process.

Who is Amplifi ID made for?

Actionable insights from realtime results.

Track the trends of the unregulated drug landscape in your community with a real time feed of drug checking results and analytics.

Future-Proof and Connected 

Our software has been designed to address the needs of a changing landscape and keep all stakeholders informed.

Our Collaborators

Scientist on Computer

"It can revolutionize — to have point and care assessment of the drug supply — our response and our alerting to the community." (2020)

- Dr. Kieran Moore

Former Medical Officer of Health for KFL&A Public Health

Learn more about our technology.

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