Enabling lab grade testing anywhere.

Rapid drug checking technology and software for frontline healthcare organizations. 

The optimal frontline testing solution.

Rapid Testing

Conduct a test and get plain language results in 10 minutes or less.


As the drug landscape evolves, so does our capabilities. Detection capabilities are digitally updated through our software. 

Comprehensive Results

Find out the critical contents of a drug sample, including trace amounts of fentanyl analogues and benzodiazepines. 

Digitally Networked

Automatically compile, track and analyze all results with our software and Drug Landscape Dashboard.


Our system takes up a small footprint and can be deployed in virtually any frontline environment. 

Easy to Use

No specialized lab expertise required. Have anyone up and running tests within 3 hours of training. 

Actionable insights from realtime results.

Track the trends of the unregulated drug landscape in your community with a real time feed of drug checking results and analytics.

Our Collaborators
Scientist on Computer

Dr. Kieran Moore

Former Medical Officer of Health for KFL&A Public Health

"It can revolutionize — to have point and care assessment of the drug supply — our response and our alerting to the community.'" (2020)

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