Amplifi ID

Comprehensive drug checking results in 10 minutes or less.

Step 1

Prepare ~5mg sample with our kit.

Step 2

Insert consumable and scan.

Step 3

Read results and act.

What can Amplifi ID identify?

Our system can identify multiple substances in opioid, cocaine and methamphetamine samples. 

Substances that can currently be reported from a sample are:

High quantity drug agents like cocaine and methamphetamine

Bulk cutting agents like caffeine, sugars and other fillers

Trace amounts of fentanyl and the ability to differentiate between carfentanil 

Trace amounts of benzodiazepines and the ability to differentiate etizolam from other benzodiazepine analogues.

Drug Landscape dashboard

Our Software

Our software generates a simple to read report on each test and sample about the detected sample contents. The report also tracks other factors  such as sample colour and noted adverse reactions from consumption.

The results are automatically compiled into a data feed in our Drug Landscape Dashboard.

Want to see our technology in action?

The science behind our technology.

Our Amplifi ID leverages the power of portable Raman spectroscopy and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) to detect unique scattered light signatures from samples.


These signatures are so information rich and specific to organic substances that scientists have coined them “molecular fingerprints”.

Person holding an Amplifi ID test cartridge
Person pointing at analysis screen

Our software then uses machine learning algorithms and our own proprietary database of molecular fingerprints collected from physical drug samples to translate fingerprints of an unknown sample into a simple to read result.

Raman spectroscopy is classified as SWGDRUG Category A, giving it the highest amount of sample discriminating power when compared with other technologies for drug analysis.

This is particularly important for mixture analysis and differentiating fentanyl analogues which have different potencies depending on their structure.

Handheld raman spectrometer

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