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spectra drug analysis kit

Amplifi ID™

Drug Analysis System

No complex setup, no long turnarounds. Get actionable drug checking results in 10 minutes or less.

The trace scan advantage

Watch how easy it is.

Dilute, shoot, analyze. Assess the drug within 10 minutes.

Step 1

Prepare ~5mg sample with our kit.

Step 2

Scan Amplifi ID consumable.

Step 3

Read results and act.

One simple kit. Multiple trace targets.

Identify the most important compounds at relevant levels.
amplifi id kit

Synthetic Opioids

Synthetic opioids are far more potent than naturally derived compounds like morphine and heroin, and samples on the illicit market place are rarely pure. Opioid samples are often cut with other compounds (including other unexpected opioids), while they are also often present in samples where no opioids are expected.


Fentanyl is almost never pure. Surveillance of the Toronto Drug supply from 2021-2022 found only 5% of expected fentanyl samples contained NO other active ingredients. It can have dangerous effects when mixed with other active agents like benzodiazepines.  

Relative potency (Morphine= 1): 100


Carfentanil is one of the most potent opioids ever synthesized, and is only legally used as a tranquilizer for large mammals. Doses of approximately 5-10 ug/kg body weight are used in sedation. 

Relative potency (Morphine= 1): 10,000 


A relative newcomer with comparable potency to fentanyl, isotonitazene and other "nitazene" opioids have become a steady presence in the opioid supply. 

Relative potency (Morphine= 1): ~200 


Benzodiazepines ('Benzos') have extremely powerful synergistic interactions with opioids (and other depressants) which makes them dangerous cutting agents. Although an antagonist does exist to reverse the effects of an overdose (flumazenil), it has a much shorter duration and greater risk of side effects than naloxone. It is therefore not widely distributed for frontline use.


Etizolam is technically a thienodiazepine with distinct structural differences from benzos. Widely available benzodiazepine test kits have had difficulty detecting it.  

Estimated relative potency (Diazepam = 1): 5 


Estimated relative potency (Diazepam = 1): 40  


Estimated relative potency (Diazepam = 1): 130 

Other Drugs


Xylazine use poses the same dangers as most depressants, with central nervous system depression leading to slowed breathing and lowered heart rate, which may be life-threatening. No known competitive antagonist (naloxone equivalent) to reverse overdose. Chronic xylazine use can cause deoxygenation, which inhibits wound healing, causes severe ulcers, and even lead to amputations in extreme cases. 

sample results screen

Drug analysis can be complicated.
The software shouldn't be.

No specialized degree or expertise is required to operate our system. We took care of that with an intuitive interface that anyone can use.


Our software generates a simple to read report on each scanned drug about the detected sample contents. These results are automatically compiled into a data feed in our Drug Landscape Dashboard.

Want to see our technology in action?

The science behind our technology.

Amplifi ID leverages the power of portable Raman spectroscopy and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) to detect unique scattered light signatures from samples.


These signatures are so information rich and specific to organic substances that scientists have coined them “molecular fingerprints”.

person holding chip
Spectra Action Edited - pointing at results

Our software then uses machine learning algorithms and our own proprietary database of molecular fingerprints collected from physical drug samples to translate fingerprints of an unknown sample into a simple to read result.

Raman spectroscopy is classified as SWGDRUG Category A, giving it the highest amount of sample discriminating power when compared with other technologies for drug analysis.

This is particularly important for mixture analysis and differentiating fentanyl analogues which have different potencies depending on their structure.

Spectra Action Edited - device low angle

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