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Drug Landscape Dashboard

The dashboard screen shows you a ‘birds-eye’ view of the tested unregulated drug supply and allows you to quickly view metrics of the region’s overall drug supply health. Instead of waiting months for public forensic labs to report their drug composition findings, real time data allows organizations to move from reactive to proactive in their strategy against the overdose crisis.  

Rapid alerts on dangerous samples.

Our rapid alert system will let you know when noteworthy substances are discovered, so you can get the message out to the community immediately.

Sample view car-eti.png
Data table sample results

Real time feed of every tested sample.

Review historical data using the data table, which contains powerful sorting and search tools to find any specific set of samples. 

Influence drug policy with timely evidence.

Compare data across time and locations to assist in the development and assessment of strategy, programs, and long-term policy.

Drug landscape dashboard

Tailored to your needs.

The dashboard is a useful monitoring and data reporting tool for organizations involved in community drug strategy, harm reduction, overdose prevention, or drug policy.  

Supervised Consumption Sites

Regional Public Health

First Responder Groups

Emergency Departments and Hospitals

Provincial and National Health Authorities

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We take data privacy seriously. 

We work with the Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC), which specializes in secure advanced computing resources and support for academic and medical clients, including the Ontario Brain Institute and the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network. 

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